Picture of bright green balloon with a blue zig zag

Hot Air Balloon Rides

"Greenie with the dark blue stripe"

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights.

Picture of balloon basket with pilot, mother and family friend

How do you describe your feelings after your first balloon ride?  You won't be able to really....  You know they will not understand....  But you know you will have to try.  Perhaps you will echo Wilber Wight, wondering how such feelings of serenity and peace can be combined with the nerve tingling excitement and aliveness.  Perhaps you will exclaim over the patchwork postcard like countryside, or marvel at the amount of forest land near Pittsburgh.  Or perhaps you will quietly reflect on how many people's day was made a little brighter and happier as they saw a balloon float overhead and they waved and called to the balloonist.  However you describe it, you will know it was a worthwhile, unique adventure.

Emerald Shazam has been flying "Greenie with the Dark Blue Stripe" for over twenty five years in the Pittsburgh area.  Our balloon passes a rigorous inspection once a year by a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified inspector and is carefully checked over by the pilot before each flight.

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights  

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