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Hot Air Balloon Rides

"Greenie with the dark blue stripe"

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights

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How much does it Cost?

The balloon will carry 2 and 1/2 passengers or about 400 pounds of passengers plus the pilot.  That is about two normal people and a child.

We fly for about 45 minutes plus or minus depending on the landing sites..

We charge $525 for the flight.  That is for the two people.  Payment is made on the evening of the flight.   Cash or check only. No credit cards. No prepaid certificates.

We have "boarding passes" which can be given as gift certificates.  These are not pre-paid and payment for the pass is due when the flight is taken.  

By the way, your friends and relatives are welcome to follow along, but our transportation space is limited and following along in their own vehicles may be necessary.

It is possible to sometimes accommodate more people by doing passenger exchanges. Some passengers will get to chase the balloon (in our vehicle) and when the balloon lands, they exchange places with those who were flying. The balloon then takes off again and the earlier passengers now get to chase. Chasing balloons is fun, too, and the challenge is to be there when the balloon lands. Sometimes exchanges are not possible because we are not traveling over suitable terrain or the winds have increased. In which case the second set of passengers does not get to fly.  The duration of the two rides will also be different.

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights  

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