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The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights

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What is involved in a balloon flight?

The ballooning experience takes about 3-4 hours. We usually fly in the early evening (about three hours before sunset) when the winds are generally most stable. Dress comfortably for the temperature, layered clothing is highly recommended. Long pants and sturdy shoes are necessary for the flight. Of course, don't forget your cameras.

Once aloft, we will fly high enough for panoramic views and low enough to enjoy the excitement of skimming a river or tree tops. We fly at different altitudes to use the varying wind layers to "steer" the balloon. These winds will take us about 5 or 10 miles in an approximate 45 minute flight. Since we generally do not fly back to the launch site, our experienced chase crew will be in radio contact and follow us. They should be there when we land to help pack up the balloon and take us back to the launch site.

The set up and inflation generally takes about 45 minutes.  We fly for about an 45 minutes (plus or minus depending on the landing sites). It then takes about 45 minutes to pack it up and load the chase van for the drive back to launch site.

By the way, your friends and relatives are welcome to follow along, but our transportation space is limited and following along in their own vehicles may be necessary.

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights  

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