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Hot Air Balloon Rides

"Greenie with the dark blue stripe"

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights

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What should I wear?

Dress comfortably for the temperature.   At the heights that the balloon flies the temperature is about 2 to 3 degrees colder than on the ground.  However since we are traveling with the wind there is no breeze and it will feel warmer.  Layered clothing is highly recommended. 

Long pants and sturdy shoes are necessary for the flight.  Because we depend on the wind to move us, the landing spot may be away roads.  It does not happen very often but you may have to walk though woods and overgrown fields.  Very rarely we have landed in the briar patch and have had to beat our way out.  This is extra work for the pilot so he tries to avoid this if at all possible. 

Bring a light jacket or sweater. Once the sun goes down it can become a little chilly.

Of course, don't forget your cameras. 

The Balloon wore out last year and we no longer offer flights  

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